WHAT DOES (2022)

Art Documentary (15:55) 
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What Does captures Sophia Abrams’ two-year oral history project on Black Artists in Madison, Wisconsin through segmented interviews, projected reflections, and private intermissions. 

Sophia Abrams (left), Taj Matumbi (right)

Excerpt from Taj Matumbi’s Interview

Interstitial Ft Sophia Abrams

Excerpt of Teena Wilder’s Interview


Director - Sophia Abrams and Elyza Therese Parker
Editor - ETP
Featured -  Teena Wilder, Taj Matumbi, Sophia Abrams, and Caylin McGlynn
Sourced Footage - Sophia Abrams and Teena Wilder
Crew - Paulina Eguino, Tye Trondson, Lo lynch, Veda Manly, and Caylin McGlynn